Friday, November 11, 2011

We Believe In Quality

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Our Company,Inner Kunst (SA0147415) founded by Mohd Zuraidi Bin Ahmad Daud (Eddy) provides a wide range of printing, stationery and kids clothes business. We are doing selling and supplying in printing, stationery and kids clothes. We also doing Creative Services which is like designing, writing etc. .

Not enough with will be truly grateful for our wide range of services as it comes with attractive package with reasonable price!

Interested? Dont hesitate to contact or email us at:


012 4673032 / 019 6479695

Email :

What are you waiting for?! Pick up the phone, email us and we'll hands you with a great and qulity things!.

Let's make better product!

Inner Kunst

From BOD Desk:
'Syukur to Allah SWT for this opportunity, thanks to our family, brothers & sisters for their support, friends for the inspiration, credit to all friends for helping us. Thank you very much everybody!'

Friday, January 21, 2011

2011 Promo


Welcome to INNER KUNST!

New year, new items and a new price for each items.

Alhamdullillah, in 2010 we already have supplied a few government office, school and private company. So hope for this year more will come.

Let's see a new things on our shop.

for filing system on steel rack
1 box (50pcs)
RM40 ++

Paper Bag
RM1.50 - RM3.00

Fancy Magazine Holder
RM4.50 each

Energizer Battery
Price base on Sizes


Saturday, October 2, 2010

I'm Back!

It's been a while since my last entry. I've been busy with my new opening of my shop under my Inner Kunst's company as you can see above. Nothing much to say today. Just want all of you to know.. I'm back!

Eddy Ahmad Daud

Sunday, January 24, 2010

My weekend Activity!

Nothing much I can do this weekend. It make feel so bored coz my life always has been scheduled with a lot of work. Everyday, every time. :) I can handled myself without doing nothing, so I got a few plan to fill my weekend with the activity. And guess what, finally I can said that this is one of the great weekend I ever had! :)

Saturday : Watching movie with my... at Cineleisure Damansara. The first ever movie I can laugh from the beginning to the end. And the best thing is.. It was a malay movie so called Adnan Sempit. I don't know what did u think about this film, but I really impressed with the work on this film! It was a simple story with the great implementation on it. Congrats Ahmad Idham! And my saturday was closing with dinner and planning for my future. Opps.. ours. :)

Taken by Mr Azan with my BB! Great aight? Haha~

Taken by Sofian Hamid with my complicated BB he said. Learn how to use it bro..Haha~

Sunday : At 5am, driving to McD Bangi to meet my friends for my next planning, to climb the Broga's Hill before sunrise. It was awesome and hurt me tho. lol. :P why it's hurt me? I climb this hill with jean, pouch bag and heavy boot! Huh. I can't said it just with words. Enjoy the pics!

p/s : Sorry dear you can't join me! Working on weekend, what can I do.. Huhu~

Eddy Ahmad Daud

Monday, January 11, 2010

Next Step!

I'm going to open my new company at Perak. And guess what.. My company name is Inner Kunst. In this new business, I'll focus on tourism in Tasik Banding, Gerik Perak and at the same time will running the same business in KL which is focus on printing, event and equipment rental.

Hope I'll get more and more oppurtunity in other business coz I'm in love with business lately! :)

Anyone want to do any event, printing or maybe want to have an advanture trip just let me know!

Visit our blog (My Business in KL) -

Eddy Ahmad Daud

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hit me!

Damn cool. Most memorable movie adaptation from comic so called 'Pedang Setiawan or Fung Wan'.

Since 1989. Ma Wing Sing. I used to collect almost 200 series of it!

1st film sequel is on 1998. Storm Riders.

“If I am overwhelmed by evil power and start to kill innocents, please be decisive and kill me right away”

Damn. This sequel seriously kill me!